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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Tachiz Travel Review by Kimberley B. (USA) from: 05/05/2020

(Please stay safe)

Where to start! This trip was perfection. From the greeting at the airport by an incredibly knowledgeable driver who gave us such insight into the area that we already felt at home by the time we arrived at Tabacon. Every tour guide we had was on time, extremely informative (not only about the specific adventure but about the country) and each one had an amazingly warm personality. We saw every animal that we had hoped to see and some we didn't even know about! We started in Arenal; then to Monteverde and finished in Conchal. It gave us such an amazing appreciation of so many different aspects of Costa Rica.

When I started thinking about this trip, I had a fairly specific idea of what we wanted to do. This was a trip for me and my 24 year old daughter. Alex and Francisco came up with a custom itinerary that far surpassed anything I could have thought up. They listened to everything I said and turned my ideas into a trip that became a trip of a lifetime. During the planning process they were with me the whole time. Always available by email and phone, to go over any question I had. We were there when the Corona virus just started to impact the US. By the time we left we were one of eight guests at our hotel. During the last week of the trip, the Costa Rican government closed their borders to incoming non-residents. Not only did everything go as planned, but as they were trying to get people home and deal with all of the cancellations, we never felt like we weren't being taken care of.

I could write a book about this trip and how amazing it was and I have Alex and Francisco to thank for that. If I could - I would go back tomorrow morning and have them plan everything. I plan to do just that next year as soon as I possibly can.

- Kimberley B. (USA)

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Tachiz Travel Reviews 2020

Tachiz Travel Review by Abraham G. (USA) from: 03/09/2020

We decided to do this trip at the last moment and contacted Zicasso with which we had earlier travels. 
We were in touch with Tachiz Travel and within two days had an itinerary and scheduled flights- this for a trip to leave in two weeks.
The trip was fine -good hotels, transportation, etc.
Most striking was the excellent availability and assistance of Tachiz Travel with respect to all aspects of the trip. The team would respond to any written inquiries about aspects of preparation within hours. In addition, the phone conversation before the trip helped us in selecting the tours we might take. That there was 24/7 phone availability both from the US and in Costa Rica was unexpected and greatly valued. For example, in one hotel, which was excellent, we were not particularly pleased with the Room assignment. I communicated with Tachiz, and in less than 1/2 hour, our room was changed.

- Abraham G. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Steve D. (USA) from: 02/28/2020

Tachiz Travel did an outstanding job of coordinating our vacation. I have never worked with a group that communicated better than the team at Tachiz Travel. They listened to our preferences and developed an itinerary that perfectly matched our priorities. Their people were always on time for pick-ups and their choice of excursion providers was excellent. When we needed to contact them while on the trip, they were always immediately accessible. If offered, I would give them a 6th star.

- Steve D. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Anne D. (USA) from: 02/22/2020

Tachiz Travel is exceptional! They arranged every detail for our trip in Costa Rica according to our expressed interests and budget limit. Most impressively, when we wanted to change resorts, they very quickly made the arrangements and helped manage the financial aspects to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Tachiz as part of your Costa Rica portfolio of travel agencies. I could give them 7 stars on your 5 star scale!

- Anne D. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Jeffrey F. (USA) from: 02/17/2020

Everyone at Tachiz was focused on customer service and making sure we were well cared for during our trip. On the few occasions when there were issues with the hotel or one of the local tour companies, Tachiz handled the communications and corrected any and all issues efficiently and effectively.

- Jeffrey F. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Patsy R. (USA) from: 02/17/2020

Tachiz owners and staff were always very responsive and considerate of all our questions and ideas. They planned a trip for all of us with varying arrival and departures and old people and babies with care. I would say that they treated us to the best quality of accommodation and travel, probably nicer than any we have had since our African safari. 
The trip was exactly what we asked for. I have learned since of other places in Costa Rica that I would like to visit, but Fransisco and Alex gave us what we requested. Everyone had lots of adventures, with zip lines, horses, crocodiles, snorkelling, boating, hiking and more. Of course, we saw lots of animals. It was a fine trip.

- Patsy R. (USA) 

Tachiz Travel Review by Kerry D. (USA) from: 02/10/2020

Adventurous and well planned!
Tachiz Travel provided a clear itinerary and organised all transports within the country for us. They were available when called and helpful with questions. Called to ensure we were enjoying our trip at the halfway point. Overall, very professional.
Having a company plan transport in a country where we did not speak the language meant we did not have to worry about getting to different activities and meant we could relax and enjoy our vacation. Costa Rica was beautiful, with varied climates and activities, and I would recommend it to anyone. I think our 8 day trip was a little too short, and felt slightly rushed, so would recommend 10 days at a minimum. Of all the places we visited Manuel Antonio was our favourite, and whitewater rafting as well as sea kayaking were highlights.

- Kerry D. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Ian R. (USA) from: 02/09/2020

It was amazing, extremely well organized, we would not hesitate to use Tachiz again and recommend them for others visiting Costa Rica.

- Ian R. (USA)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Thank you to Diane & Jeff for these kind words during these challenging times.

Hello to the amazing Tachiz team that looked after us so well! Just wanted to let you know that we are home safe and sound and staying home during this global crisis. We loved our time in Costa Rica, you are an amazing place and people! Everyone was so kind, professional, trustworthy, and experts in their fields. As I told Alex, the only thing that could have made it better would be for the cloud if coronavirus to not exist! I guess our trip timing was good though as it was not a big issue when we left, exploded shortly before our return, and we were able to safely return. Again, thank you for all your expertise, and I have forgotten to thank you for the chocolates! Yum!!
We would refer friends to you whenever anyone mentions going to Costa Rica!
Puda vida and stay healthy friends!
Diane and Jeff L.

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