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Friday, April 13, 2018

Tachiz Travel Reviews

Tachiz Travel Review by J. Dill, USA from 03/03/2018

Tachiz Travel did a wonderful job from start to finish with our bucket list item of traveling to Costa Rica. From the wonderful boutique hotels they chose based on my very specific needs and the intimate tours planned in each destination, they surpassed all of our expectations. I was a bit difficult to work with as it took me forever to choose my dates, hotels, and tours but they were always patient and provided the information I needed to make the needed decisions. They made sure we had an easy to follow one-page itinerary which we used throughout our trip. They were again patient and responsive when I made a last minute tour decision while I was in CR and then immediately changed my mind again! They made great suggestions tailored to our needs. They kept the trip on budget and ensured I knew how to reach them if needed while I was in the country. I would definitely use them again if I travel to another part of Costa Rica!

- J. Dill, USA 

Tachiz Travel Review by J. Airs, UK from 02/28/2018 

The trip to costa rica couldnt have run more smoothly we didnt lift our suitcases from when we left the airport until we returned. The Hotels were exceptional and the people so helpful and cheerful wherever we went. Its a beautiful country. Would love to go back . 

- J. Airs, UK 

Tachiz Travel Review by J. Ryan, USA from 02/28/2018 

We had a fantastic family trip to Costa Rica (kids ages 7 and 10 and two parents). Tachiz arranged what we were looking for - places to stay that weren't too big, outdoor adventure, beach time and they have great drivers. Everything went smoothly. 

- J. Ryan USA 

Tachiz Travel Review by D. McNeil, USA from 02/26/2018 

First of all, the personal touch from Francisco and Alex at Tachiz was much appreciated. Rare these days to find owners that will contact their clients personally both prior to and at the conclusion of their trip. 

Our Costa Rica adventure was tailored exactly as we had asked. We were presented many options for activities and selected those closest in tune to our activity level. We were not disappointed by any of these. 

All of our hotel accomodations were very thoughtfully selected and wonderful. My wife has gluten and dairy dietary restrictions and each restaurant at every hotel dining facility was pleased to accommodate her special requests at mealtime. 

We were very impressed by the transportation provided for our transfers and activities. All of the representatives and drivers were either on time or a little early, and were extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable on the geography, history, and culture of Costa Rica. 

We would not hesitate to recommend Tachiz Travel to anyone desiring a first-class experience in a magnificent and proud country. 

- D. McNeil, USA 

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Rio Celeste by Tachiz Travel Costa Rica

In early December of 2017, the whole Tachiz family decided to again enjoy the Rio Celeste (Light Blue River) and its amazing surroundings. What a wonderful off the beaten path destination this area continues to be, especially, when carefully combined with other destinations to suit your preferences. The local legend says that when God was painting the blue skies of Costa Rica, He cleaned his brush on this river, hence its beautiful light blue color. The color of the river also changes throughout the day depending on many factors like the sunlight and the rain but it is always naturally stunning. We did this video on forecasted weather for instance. The surroundings and where to stay as well as the truly unique bilingual guided experiences we can arrange for you here occur in this ambiance. We will listen to your wishes and dreams and if Rio Celsete is a destination we think you might enjoy along with the rest of your unique Adventure of a Lifetime here in Costa Rica, we will gladly arrange it for you and at the right places for you to stay as well. Please call us at 646 736 7661. Or write us at info@tachiztravel.com
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Friday, March 30, 2018

Tachiz Travel Reviews

Tachiz Travel Review by H. Morrison, USA from 02/20/2018

All arrangements were made well. Everyone was on time. The tours arranged were fun and educational. The drivers for Tachiz, particularly Jose, were courteous. Jose was very enjoyable to ride with and taught us a lot about Costa Rica. The resorts were beautiful and the rooms were spacious.

- H. Morrison, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by M. Robinson, USA from 02/15/2018

Francisco and his staff were very attentive and ensured that every step of the trip was enjoyable and just as planned. All the drivers were courteous and attentive to our needs. The tours were educational and fun. The hotels were clean, safe and had many amenities. Francisco and his team built a great itinerary encompassing all of our requests.

- M. Robinson, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by N. Clements, USA from 02/12/2018

Tachiz Travel were excellent to work with. They listened to all my requests and helped me plan excursions that were both fun and affordable. We wanted small family owned hotels and they succeeded in finding these for us. I would definitely use them again!

- N. Clements, USA

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tachiz Travel Reviews

Tachiz Travel Review by P. Caride, USA from 02/06/2018

Tachiz travel could not have been nicer. They were pleasant and accomodating to my requests. The transportation, tours, tour guides and hotels exceeded my expectations. We had a wonderful trip!

- P. Caride, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by B. Burnham, USA from 02/02/2018

Great trip. Excellent, professional, friendly service by the Tachiz Travel team. Excellent accommodations. Drivers were always on time and pleasant. Communications with Tachiz Travel were easy. Changes in activities, that we requested, were handled smoothly and without error.

- B. Burnham, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by K. Creamer, USA from 01/23/2018

My family and I have traveled internationally many times. We were very happy with finding Tachiz travel agency through Zicasso to help us plan our winter getaway to Costa Rica. Alex and Francisco were very helpful planning the trip. They crafted a week based on what we wanted but informed by their expertise. Their drivers were bilingual and in many ways acted as guides during the drives between venues, offering a font of information about the country and local flora and fauna. All transport and pre-arranged tours were timely and executed seamlessly. The lodging they picked out for us were combinations of charming, luxurious, and elegant. When our plans changed due to severe weather and the nation wide grounding of local airlines, they were flexible and adapted quickly allowing us to re-imagine the second half of our vacation without any cost to us. Despite the bad weather we had a great time. We will definitely be coming back to Costa Rica and we will definitely use Tachiz travel to make the arrangements.

- K. Creamer, USA

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Tachiz Travel Reviews

Tachiz Travel Review by S. Barr, USA from 01/16/2018

We had an outstanding trip over the Christmas holiday, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Tachiz travel. We are a family of 8 - two teenagers, two parents, and grandparents. That's a wide age range, and we had different interests. The Tachiz team helped us build an itinerary where everyone chose activities they enjoyed. Tachiz also made the whole experience completely stress-free. All pick-ups and transportation was pre-arranged, and the drivers were fun, friendly and knowledgeable. We had so many excellent guides, beginning with Luis from Tachiz. All of our activities were pre-paid, so we just relaxed and had fun. The Tachiz team even helped us to make reservations for special Christmas eve and Christmas night dinners, and they did not disappoint! Wonderful, memorable meals. Everyone in our group had a different favorite experience. For my 76 year-old mother, it was horseback riding to a waterfall and swimming in the waterfall. For m mother-in-law it was the safari float. For me, it was definitely surfing at Manuel Antonio. For my daughter, kayaking and snorkeling were a huge hit. For others, a boat ride across Arenal lake. We all had a wonderful time and will happily recommend Tachiz to others.

- S. Barr, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by S. Sax, USA from 01/16/2018

Francisco, we made it back to the US. Again, thank you for stepping in to help out with the rest of our trip. I'll keep your information on file for future trips to Costa Rica. We fell in love with the country, and hope to be back very soon.



- S. Sax, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by J. Jones, USA from 01/14/2018

Francisco I want to thank you for planning a wonderful trip for my family. The hotel in Arenal was wonderful with the hot spring pools and then the ultimate was the Tulemar villa. We thought we were in shangrila! A great way to end the holiday. The whole trip went so smoothly and the guides all were so knowledgeable and friendly. The activities were exciting and we were all able to do them, something I was a bit worried about when they were planned. From 10 to 75 yrs old. I will recommend you and Costa Rica to everyone. What a beautiful country you live in! Thank you again for making a memorable holiday for my family.

J. Jones

- J. Jones, USA

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