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Monday, March 19, 2018

Tachiz Travel Reviews

Tachiz Travel Review by S. Barr, USA from 01/16/2018

We had an outstanding trip over the Christmas holiday, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Tachiz travel. We are a family of 8 - two teenagers, two parents, and grandparents. That's a wide age range, and we had different interests. The Tachiz team helped us build an itinerary where everyone chose activities they enjoyed. Tachiz also made the whole experience completely stress-free. All pick-ups and transportation was pre-arranged, and the drivers were fun, friendly and knowledgeable. We had so many excellent guides, beginning with Luis from Tachiz. All of our activities were pre-paid, so we just relaxed and had fun. The Tachiz team even helped us to make reservations for special Christmas eve and Christmas night dinners, and they did not disappoint! Wonderful, memorable meals. Everyone in our group had a different favorite experience. For my 76 year-old mother, it was horseback riding to a waterfall and swimming in the waterfall. For m mother-in-law it was the safari float. For me, it was definitely surfing at Manuel Antonio. For my daughter, kayaking and snorkeling were a huge hit. For others, a boat ride across Arenal lake. We all had a wonderful time and will happily recommend Tachiz to others.

- S. Barr, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by S. Sax, USA from 01/16/2018

Francisco, we made it back to the US. Again, thank you for stepping in to help out with the rest of our trip. I'll keep your information on file for future trips to Costa Rica. We fell in love with the country, and hope to be back very soon.



- S. Sax, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by J. Jones, USA from 01/14/2018

Francisco I want to thank you for planning a wonderful trip for my family. The hotel in Arenal was wonderful with the hot spring pools and then the ultimate was the Tulemar villa. We thought we were in shangrila! A great way to end the holiday. The whole trip went so smoothly and the guides all were so knowledgeable and friendly. The activities were exciting and we were all able to do them, something I was a bit worried about when they were planned. From 10 to 75 yrs old. I will recommend you and Costa Rica to everyone. What a beautiful country you live in! Thank you again for making a memorable holiday for my family.

J. Jones

- J. Jones, USA

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Tachiz Travel Review by R. Kumar, USA from 01/13/2018

Tachiz Travel Costa Rica was professional from the first conversation to the end of our trip. In designing our trip, they asked many questions and presented a number of options for locations/accommodations and activities. All were designed to show us as much of Costa Rica as possible. They were willing to customize the trip as much as we needed. Upon arrival in San Jose, we were warmly greeted by Francisco. He provided us all of the printed materials, and offered to take our call any time during the trip. Throughout our trip, everything was perfectly coordinated, all transfers and activities occurred as expected. At one point I wanted to make a change to one planned activities, and Tachiz quickly and expertly made that change. We also encountered a canceled local flight at the end of our trip. While waiting at the airstrip, Tachiz called us and said they were in the process of making alternate plans so that we could make it to our connecting flight. When they called, not even the gate agent knew that our flight had been cancelled!
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and I would recommend Tachiz Travel Costa Rica without any hesitation.

- R. Kumar, USA

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Tachiz Travel Reviews

Tachiz Travel Review by R. Montogomery, USA from 01/12/2018

Tachiz Travel helped us plan a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. They superblyplanned the trip around our requested cost, travel spots and wishes on types of hotels and inner country travel options.

All travel arrangements were flawless. When we wanted to make a change in time of flight in country on a Sunday it was handled promptly and perfectly.
All the members of the tachiz team were terrific.

- R. Montgomery, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by G. Jones, USA from 01/09/2018

Alex and Francisco delivered an amazing trip for us. Everything was flawless - the hotels, tours, transfers. They were very responsive to our requests and helped us adjust on the fly. If you’re looking for a great family trip to Costa Rica, I enthusiastically endorse Tachiz.

- G. Jones, USA

Tachiz Travel Review by K. James, USA from 01/08/2018

The customer service from Tachiz Travel was EXCEPTIONAL! Francisco was great to work with and always very responsive to my questions. We were not pleased with our first hotel, but extremely pleased with our second hotel!!

- K. James, USA

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tachiz Travel Review by J. Odell, USA from 01/05/2018

We absolutely loved Tachiz Travel and couldn’t have had a better experience from beginning to end! This was our honeymoon trip, so are forever grateful that Tachiz Travel helped us plan and enjoy the honeymoon of our dreams.

Francisco worked with us from the beginning, helping us choose activities, sites, and lodging that suited our budget. Our 9 days in Costa Rica included 3 days in 3 locations: Arenal, Monteverde, and Guanacaste. Each site required land travel by bus or van, which was beautifully organized by Francisco and his group. We felt safe and stress-free, getting to enjoy our transit instead of stressing over directions and routes. Though some may choose to rent a car, it’s wonderful to have a reliable travel service that coordinates safe, trustworthy drivers that get you from point A to point B. Each location came with a unique schedule of activities that we chose in advance. At Arenal, we enjoyed thermal springs at the Tabacon Resort, along with jungle rafting, volcano hiking, and an organic farm experience + cooking lesson. Francisco also scheduled a private bungalow dinner for our last night at Arenal—this took my breath away! Monteverde’s activities included cloud forest hiking, ziplining, a coffee and chocolate farm experience, and a night hike. In Guanacaste, we mostly relaxed but absolutely loved our one scheduled activity: sailing and snorkeling!

Each activity was enjoyable and exciting, and we thank our incredible travel agents for choosing the best of the best. We couldn’t be happier with how we planned and organized it. Thank you so much to Tachiz Travel—until next time in Costa Rica!

- J. Odell, USA

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Tachiz Travel Review by B. Toland, USA from 01/04/2018

Travel Company is Tachiz Travel Costa Rica. They were outstanding. They created an itinerary that matched my family's requirements. Every day included an exciting activity. The hotels and meals were excellent. Most important of all, their guides and drivers were always on time, friendly, helpful; from the moment we arrived in Liberia to our departure 9 days later. The Tachiz itinerary and the in-country guides ensured that our time in Costa Rica doing activities we enjoy was maximized.

- B. Toland, USA

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