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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Please find below our most recent August 2021 reviews by our travelers!

Tachiz Travel Review by Kathleen O. (USA) from 08/19/2021
Tachiz went above and beyond to ensure we had the best possible honeymoon. From meeting us at the airport (with their sweet mother no less!), to helping us switch excursions when one got rained out, this team will do whatever it takes to keep you organized, safe, and relaxed! We are so grateful to have found this group through Zicasso. Their drivers, partners, and family will always have a special place in our hearts. No matter what you’re looking for or what you need, they can handle it. Don’t hesitate to book with this group if you’re going to Costa Rica! - Kathleen O. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Melanie C. (USA) from 08/14/2021
My husband and I have just returned from a three week stay in Costa Rica, and couldn't have been happier with our trip! Costa Rica is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth; and their people are some of the nicest, and most welcoming we have ever met. Tachiz Travel went over and above to make sure that our visit was perfect...calling throughout the trip to make sure everything was alright, and always ready to help if we needed it. One night we wanted to try a new restaurant and rather than call a taxi, Alex offered to pick us up and take us there! We ended up having dinner with him and his lovely wife, learning about their life in Costa Rica, and just having a wonderful evening. All of the guides that we encountered were a joy to meet, and so appreciative to be able to welcome tourists back to their country. Everyone there is very proud of their country, and rightly so. Pura Vida!!! - Melanie C. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Julia L. (USA) from 08/13/2021
Everything was amazing from the time we landed to the very end! Francisco and Alex had some great suggestions when we were planning the trip and helped us craft the perfect adventure. They were so easy to work with and followed through on everything, exceeding our expectations! Every day was a new adventure with new things to see and do. The Arenal hike was our first adventure and what a way to start! The guide was great, the landscape was beautiful, I learned so much and we saw our first sloth out in the wild! My favorite thing was the leaf cutter ants! I couldn't stop getting video clips of them. It was also very nice to have great hotels to come back to after our adventures. We also really enjoyed our driver, Alex (another Alex but not "the other" Alex lol)! He was fantastic! - Julia L. (USA)

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Friday, July 2, 2021

Please find below some of our most recent June 2021 reviews by our travelers:

Letter written by our traveler Laura G. (USA) from 06/25/2021:
Alex, I can’t thank you and your family enough for making my family vacation such a terrific experience. From the moment we connected with you and every step of the way thereafter we all felt truly taken care of. All of you at Tachiz Travel delivered on your promise that our trip to Costa Rica would be a trip of a lifetime. You answered every question..we had so many..and nothing was ever too much trouble for you, Francisco, or your team.

We made wonderful memories on this trip which was especially meaningful to me, because in all my 75 years we were able to travel together as a complete family. We all are so grateful to have been in your caring and knowledgeable hands for this experience. 

Thank you so much.
Pura Vida,

Tachiz Travel Review by Amanda E. (USA) from 06/25/2021
From the minute we connected over email, Alex, Francisco and his team listened to all our requests and hopes for the trip and worked with us on a very detailed itinerary that covered all our needs. They finessed and revised every detail multiple times until we settled on the perfect plan for our ten day trip. Three different destinations in Costa Rica, the perfect accommodations, and the best activities for our group. When we arrived Alex and his wife met us at the airport to welcome us to Costa Rica. The trip was a belated 75th birthday trip for my Aunt and they came with a beautiful coffee table book of Costa Rica as a gift for her, plus chocolates and refreshments for our drive. -Amanda E. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Melissa B. (USA) from 06/23/2021
Tachiz Travel was a very reliable and flexible tour company with a very personal touch from Alex, his wife, Blanca to his brother, Francisco. The drivers and guides were terrific and provided expert input and we sighted our bucket list of wildlife. We have a few travel issues with our luggage due to American Airlines, but Alex helped navigated above and beyond as a liaison with the baggage department in Costa Rica, to setting up optical appointments for contacts to identifying retailers to shop. Our accommodations were beautiful and luxury and unique. -Melissa B. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Greg W. (USA) from 06/14/2021
Overall, the people of Costa Rica were friendly and welcoming. Felt safer than any US city. Never had a problem communicating...most locals spoke pretty good English. Food was fine, but nothing especially memorable...in fact, the best food was the local casado (look up on youtube). Can say that everything tasted fresh...from farm to table. Most important tip/recommendation: Go Now! The crowds were non-existent since post-pandemic travel is just now starting to gear up. Highly recommend you get to Costa Rica before it gets re-discovered. It's such a great place that I am convinced it will soon be the go-to Latin American destination. Finally, use Tachiz Travel. Since it was our first time and didn't know the lay of the land, Francisco was very helpful during the course of our several Zoom calls and answered all of our questions. The itinerary went smoothly and really appreciated Alex checking in with us along the way, just wanting to make sure we were taken great care of...which we were.
Can't wait to get back again to Costa Rica. -Greg W. (USA)

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Tachiz Travel Reviews by our most recent travelers

Tachiz Travel Review by Laura H. (USA) from 06/02/2021

Tachiz Travel really hooked us up! We had the adventure of a lifetime! We did everything we wanted and even more while staying in our budget! Our expectation were suceeded!! The whole trip was absolutely fabulous, but our last hotel: El Parador in Manuel Antonio was amazing. -Laura H. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Beth J. (USA) from 05/25/2021

We absolutely loved our trip to Costa Rica and Tachiz Travel made absolutely everything run smoothly - I cannot recommend them highly enough!! Our flight got delayed and we missed our connection and ultimately had to fly into a different airport over 7 hours delayed! Alex and his team were so accommodating and Alex and his wife even met us at the airport that night to welcome us to Costa Rica! My kids left their passports at our first hotel (over 3 hours away!) and Tachiz made sure the passports were back in our hands that night! They were flexible with schedule changes, offered expert advice on where to stay and what to do, and generally made us feel welcome and secure our whole trip. I don’t normally use a travel agent and took a chance on a local vendor and boy did we make the right choice! If you are headed to CR do not hesitate to have Alex and his team truly plan your dream vacation! -Beth J. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Nicolas H. (USA) from 05/22/2021

We had MULTIPLE flight delays in which I had to reschedule times for pickup at the airport and at each issue Tachiz had a solution. When we finally arrived in San Jose, we were greeted by the OWNER and his wife, WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN? The entire trip was planned to perfection, each location and private tour were outstanding and very well received by the others in my party. The one day a tour guide ran an hour late, I reached out to Tachiz and they compensated us with a FREE fishing tour later that day. I was truly impressed with the 24/7 communication through whatsapp, anytime I had a question they had an answer within minutes. I had asked for dinner recommendations and not only did we get them they did the reservations as well. I would recommend this travel company to anyone -Nicolas H. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Ashlie C. (USA) from 05/10/2021 

Working the the Tachiz team from the first phone call was a great and easy experience. They listened to what we wanted for a perfect trip that fit our budget and came up with an amazing itinerary that checked all the boxes. The accommodations at the three locations we visited all had incredible views. We spent time on our patios watched endless wildlife. The staff were also all amazing and helpful. The tour companies for our activities were all professional, very entertaining and taught us so much about Costa Rica. We had many options of things to do with extra time to explore on our own. The Tachiz team checked in daily to make sure we were having the best time possible and were very responsive to any additional requests. They even surprised me with a cake on my birthday! I can’t recommend the Tachiz Travel team enough. In fact, I’ve already recommended them to friends and family and will absolutely be using them for our next Costa Rican vacation. -Ashlie C. (USA)

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Our most recent April 2021 reviews by our travelers.

Tachiz Travel Review by Ryan D. (USA) from: 04/14/2021
Great service, I have zero reservations about using this group. They were professionally, timely, knowledgeable and friendly. We felt like family by the time we were done. – Ryan D. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Liz M. (USA) from: 04/14/2021
We went to Costa Rica with Tachiz travel agency who I highly recommend. I communicated with several agencies ahead of time and they were by far the most responsive, most informative and helpful. Once we decided to go to CR with them, they continued to be super responsive, always answering our queries quickly and with details. They agreed to a zoom call so that we could ask our questions. And they put together an itinerary which perfectly answered our desires. When we had an issue during our stay, they immediately took care of it. Perfection. They met us at the airport with smiles and gifts, and all of their employees and partners were helpful and showed us an incredible hospitality. They are very knowledgeable and have a terrific network. I highly recommend you use Tachiz if you wish to go to Costa Rica. – Liz M. (USA)

Tachiz Travel Review by Shannon T. (USA) from: 04/12/2021
Tachiz Travel Costa Rica was first class! They listened to our travel wishes and concerns and planned an incredible family trip we will never forget. Every detail was thought of and our trip was seamless. All of our drivers were amazing and always prompt as well as giving us information about the country and answering all of our questions. The hotel accommodations and excursions each day exceeded our expectations and gave us memories we will cherish. We would highly recommend Tachiz Travel Costa Rica! 5-Star!! – Shannon T. (USA)