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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Here is our Costa Rica Covid-19 update & review by our most recent visitors: Erin P. (USA) from: 02/08/2021

We were beyond impressed with Tachiz and our recent Costa Rica trip. After reading their reviews we had high expectations and they did not fail to exceed them. From day one they have been very attentive and quick with responses. Tony and Alex with Tachiz went out of their way to ensure we had a wonderful time. From teaching us about local customs and taking us to dinner on our first night, to going out of their way to find us an atm and guanababa. They felt like family.

They were genuine and honest in their reviews of the many guided activities we had to select from, with what would be within my physical limitations and still exciting, while accommodating my disability.

From Alex and his team meeting us at the airport, to calling to check on us during the trip, to going above and beyond to try to accommodate our last minute request to add an unscheduled activity, they truly took care of us every step of the way. My husband was extremely hesitant to leave the country and once the US announced the new covid test requirements, we debated postponing our trip. I am so glad we did not. Not only did Tachiz arranged for us to take a covid test and have the results in plenty of time for our return flight, but Costa Rica has taken this pandemic very seriously and I felt safer there than in the United States. You can not go into a shop, restaurant, grocery store, or taxi, without washing your hands in one of the many outdoor sinks installed or at very least using hand sanitizer. On the way in AND the way out. It is non negotiable and expected. Further at least 80% of taxis, restaurants, and attractions, take your temperature before you are ever allowed into their establishment. Mask wearing is enforced and if you take your mask below your nose you will not be served.

The hotels we stayed at were truly magnificent. With private balconies, delicious food, breath taking views and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. We felt like royalty.

We had such a once in a lifetime experience, that we are already discussing returning to beautiful Costa Rica and will definitely being going through Tachiz to do so. Pura Vida.

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Friday, January 8, 2021

Tachiz Travel Review by Jaime K. (USA) from: 01/07/2021

A few highlights of the trip: horseback riding to a beautiful waterfall, white water rafting, relaxing in hot springs, trekking to the Hule Lagoon and having lunch in a local home - the most DELICIOUS food that we enjoyed while there. 
Many people are hesitant to travel during Covid-19, and I realize that not everyone can pack their bags and go. But if you are healthy and travel consciously, it is an amazing experience during these unprecedented times. The Costa Ricans have mastered moving around the pandemic with a grace that I wish my home country could mimic. There are constant temperature checks, masks required in public places, social distancing guidelines, and sanitation stations throughout the country. Not only do these measures help you stay safer while traveling, but also the limited number of visitors to the country helps immensely. 
Every individual we encountered in Costa Rica was cheerful and so pleased that we visited their country. We were met with smiles and the phrase "Pura Vida" wherever we went. This means - Pure Life - and that phrase perfectly embodies the way of life in Costa Rica. 
If you are considering a trip to Costa Rica now, or in the future, I strongly suggest you trust this travel company with your travel plans. You will have a perfectly articulated itinerary and will be treated like royalty! - Jaime K. (USA)