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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tachiz Travel Review by I. Muir, UK from 06/11/2017

Anyone heading for Costa Rica will probably visit their own and well trusted travel agent. That we did 9 months before our proposed travel in February ’17 and in trying to sort out the myriad of excursion and hotels on offer always came up with the same answer, “we will come back to you” which was short hand for “we will talk to our agent in Costa Rica”. I suggest you go one better and deal direct with Tachiz Travel in San Jose. This was a faultless organisation that goes the extra mile in every detail to make sure your holiday is better than might be expected. Good English spoken, excellent e mail planning, drivers who were always on time irrespective of how far they had come to collect you, and lastly your money is safe, in our case we used their Pay Pall link to pay for the holiday. What was even more surprising was meeting a couple out there who had been directed to Tachiz Travel by their English travel agent, and too were delighted with the service they got.

Many thanks to Alex and Francisco Herrera. This is a small, friendly and dedicated team who we give a 5 star rating to..

Regards Ian & Fiona

- I. Muir, UK

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