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Friday, October 25, 2013

Los Quetzales National Park

Los Quetzales National Park is adjacent to the Los Santos Forest Reserve in Centralb Pacific Conservation Area in the province of San José .
The main attractions in the Los Quetzales National Park are mostly the same as those of adjacent area , but something interesting is that the tourist attractions are closely linked to the conservation objectives of the National Park , this should not be a problem if handled properly within the respective areas of public use and are not endangered.
The Quetzal is an emblematic bird that can be used as a flag , or mark to encourage visits to the area , according to specialist visitors from all america center sites where they have sought this bird in his explorations , San Gerardo de Dota has been observed where more easily , added to the above and considered by the ICT cultural appeal observing these birds all the months of January and February , as part of the Massif Tourism Expo exhibition and Copey de Dota.
The moor is a very particular ecosystem located between the upper limit of fully developed trees under the line of perpetual snow , the Costa Rican Páramo is considered the northernmost representation of this ecosystem , derived from the Andes , thus linking Costa Rican landscape South America, as part of the Central American biological bridge . This ecosystem is of great importance for humans, as it contributes to the establishment of drinking water for the consumption of the towns near the Parque Nacional Los Quetzales .
Undoubtedly National Park is rich in water sources, all vital to the communities adjacent to it , not only for drinking water consumption , but also by the use of the rivers in the lower areas of the basin under the concept of Tourism of adventure and exploration , in fact for the whole area has created a complete management plan for the Savegre River basin under the Sustainable Development Project for Savegre River Basin .The main river channels that traviesan the park are the Savegre and the Wizard, both belonging to the Savegre watershed . In these rivers converge different streams, of which we highlight the Goat creeks , Laguna Closed , Carafe , Ojo de Agua , Zacatales and Seca.
In terms of fauna this includes mammals whose populations have been decimated by poaching as tepezcuinte , demonstrate how cultural change is generated in the country , since several of them are reproduced in hatcheries currently handled in rural areas have been included as a conservation in the Parque Nacional Los Quetzales .
In the National Park highlights the observation and mozotillo Goldfinch and the volcanic Junco in the Wasteland, birds closely linked to the identity of Costa Rica , the first two have been included as a conservation in the Parque Nacional Los Quetzales , represent the bird watching activity in the area, which is the most commercialized.
In Cloud forests within the boundaries of Los Quetzales National Park have identified about a thousand species of flora with outstanding 38 species endemic to Costa Rica , and even more impressive to find 92 species with a distribution shared between Costa Rica and Panama . Within the local flora are two of the park's conservation targets and Los aguacatillos the Palm hearts , the latter comprise a group of species of trees, very representative and dominant at intermediate altitudes forests in our country.

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